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Air Pods Case Not Charging How To Fix It?

If you’re like me, having your AirPods with you all the time to ease away the day, especially during long commutes, is a blessing. Therefore, it’s a big deal when these little white pods of joy run out of battery juice. 

Luckily, you maintain the battery so that they’re ready when you are. However, when you grab the AirPods on your way out the front door, and halfway down the street, you realize they’re not charged at all; you’ve woken up to a nightmare.

Good thing the internet is here… 

It reminds all of us that we are never alone in our technology struggles. If you’ve had a problem with a gadget or app, no doubt there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other users who’ve had the same issue. 

Some of them (like yours truly) go OCD on these things when they happen. So, here’s my quick guide to Air Pods case not charging how to fix it.

Where’s Your Problem?

Air Pods Case Not Charging How To Fix It

When it comes to problems charging Apple Air Pods, you need to keep in mind that there are multiple devices involved in the process. The AirPods are charged by the case, but the case must be charged via a cable or wirelessly, depending on your setup and model. 

Therefore, you need to determine where the chink in the chain is – the case or the AirPods themselves? If you are unsure, then do the following checks to determine where the problem is:

  • Does the case charge when plugged in?
  • Do the AirPods get charged when placed in the case?

Knowing where your problem lies is crucial to getting it fixed. Either your case isn’t able to receive charge via the wall socket, or your AirPods aren’t getting charged in the case

So, what do you do?

The best way to tell why AirPods aren’t charging is by checking whether the charging case light comes on when you plug it in. If the battery on the case doesn’t take a charge, no matter how long you charge it, your problem lies with the case. 

Regardless of whether your case can receive a charge or not, you must complete this step. If your case isn’t charging up, keep it plugged into the wall and place your AirPods in the case. Then, check to see if the AirPods are receiving a charge from the case. 

If your case is receiving a charge, place the Air Pods in the case and perform the same check. Whether the case is plugged into the wall or not won’t matter. You are testing the connection between the case and AirPods, not the case and wall socket. 

Just getting started…

Statistically, it is more likely to be the AirPods that have a problem than the case. However, both occur more frequently than you might think. So, don’t start believing that Apple has a vendetta against you just yet. 

There is also the likelihood that this might be a software bug. If this is the case, it is a very good thing because fixes have been made available for these cases. Either way, we need to do some more digging to figure out why Air Pods case not charging how to fix it.

Quick Fix 1 – Cables, Cables, Cables

I know you’ve heard this one a hundred times before, but unfortunately, much of technology depends on these simple things. Cables are like cars. They can add up mileage and get tired over time, especially if they’re on the move a lot. 

Even if you have a wireless charging case, you need to perform this test with a USB to Lightning cable. Cables get worn, twisted, or the pins inside get damaged, wet, corroded, or develop any other number of other issues. 

The fastest way to perform this test is to use a fresh cable or borrow one from a friend who isn’t having any problems with theirs. That way, you can eliminate or identify your problem quickly and move on. 

Quick Fix 2 – The Charger

The Charger

Have you been using a single power source to charge your AirPods? Well, this is the time to swap it out so it can be eliminated from the list along with the cable. Try a different adapter or USB port on your computer/laptop to charge your Airpods. 

Also, try a different device with your power source. For example, ask a friend to try charging their phone with your cable and adapter. Once this has also been eliminated, we can move on to the next step. 

Quick Fix 3 – Reset Your AirPods Case

As mentioned earlier, it is also likely that a software-related issue is causing problems with AirPods not charging. So, if you are certain that it’s not the cable and/or charging device, then the next thing you can try is resetting the AirPods case. 

This is fairly simple to do… 

Hold down the setup button on the back of the AirPods case for fifteen seconds, or watch the light until it flashes amber and then white. Now, the case should be reset to its default factory state. Go ahead and see if you can charge the case/AirPods now. 

Something important to note…

If your case’s battery is empty or very close to it, you might not be able to perform the reset as this takes a little bit of energy. 

Remember to connect it to the charger for just a minute or two, and then try doing the reset. You can even go ahead and place the two Air Pods in the case when you do the reset. 

In many cases, this can fix the problem of AirPods case not charging. However, if you are still experiencing problems, then try… 

Quick Fix 4 – Clean The Air Pods Case’s Charging Port

Even if you’ve got a wireless case, this is something worth checking. If not for solving a problem, then do it to prevent one. 

Charging cases are likely to be carried in handbags, jeans pockets, and backpacks. These are places where particles of dust and fibers can easily build up. And that can inhibit the proper connection between the port and the cable, thus disrupting the ability to charge the case. 

A little TLC will help…

Go somewhere that has good lighting, or use a mini-flashlight like this LE LED Flashlight LE1000 High Lumens, Small and Extremely Bright and look into the charging port on the case. Should you find something, do not try using a liquid to clean the port. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you’d be surprised what people have tried. 

Try blowing the obstruction out of the port. If this does not work, try using a toothbrush or something similar; the softer the bristles, the better. I highly recommend getting yourself the Small Anti Static Brush Set which does this job well as well as being useful for a number of other tasks from cleaning keyboards to car stereos.

After you’ve removed any obstructions in the port, try reconnecting the case and see if it charges. 

Slow Fix – Take the Case and Airpods to the Apple Store

Slow Fix

If you’ve reached this point of the article without any success, then I’m afraid it’s time to take a trip to the Apple Store. It’s likely there is damage somewhere. And, they can either fix or replace the item(s) for you, provided you are still under warranty or for a small charge. 

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Air Pods Case Not Charging How To Fix It – Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has helped identify and solve your problem. Or, at least, you have come to the conclusion that you need to get your AirPods looked at. 

Whatever the case may be, forgive them this lapse when considering all the hours of work they’ve put in up until now. As always, look after your Pods, and they’ll look after you.

Until next time, happy listening.

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