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6 Definite Signs That You Were Born to Sing

When we are young, and in some cases not so young, we have dreams. Standing in front of the dressing room mirror, hairbrush in hand. Giving it the Roger Daltrey to “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Or possibly “Someone Like You” by Adele.

That’s okay. Dreaming is fine as long as you can also realize that you may never achieve the heights of those you admire. But for some, there is this feeling that maybe you could. That is why I put together the 6 Definite Signs That You Were Born to Sing, so you know how to determine if you’re a natural-born singer.


Do you know enough to know if you could?

Probably not. And even if you could and did, it probably won’t be your decision. I have seen better singers down the pub than you ever get on those contrived “Got Talent” monstrosities on TV. But you never hear of them again. If you want to become a singer, you’d better feel lucky.

Luck, yes, but what is your input?

If you are dreaming of becoming some big ‘star,’ you might as well forget it. It doesn’t work like that. If you are dreaming of becoming a singer, then that is a different thing. One could well lead to the other. But singing should be the goal.

What are the 6 Definite Signs That You Were Born to Sing?

6 Definite Signs

Depends on what you call a sign. If you are looking for something stamped on you that says “I am a singer,” it won’t be there. Definite signs are never available. Signs is probably the wrong word. A better word might be indications. 

You won’t ever get a sign, but there might be something that indicates you might have a future. So what are these indicators of innate singing talent?

You Are the Best Indicator

The first four are all about You. There are four “You’s” to consider. Each is an indicator of your personality and how you may confront certain situations. Let’s look at them.

1 – Attitude

Are you someone that starts something and doesn’t finish it? Do you get side-tracked easily? Are you someone who won’t listen and think you know it all? If you are any of those, then stop reading now and go off somewhere else.

But if you can answer “No” to all of those, then let’s carry on. This is because learning to become a singer takes an attitude. And I am not talking about the perceived attitudes or the pretense of some singers in their stage shows. That is showmanship for an audience. 

Freddie Mercury was a lot different off stage from what you see on stage. I can vouch for that. The attitude I am talking about lies within you.

Defining Your Attitude

  • Can you set yourself targets and goals to achieve and work until you get them? And only then move on to the next?
  • Can you put down your phone and all this social media interference and concentrate on what you are doing? Until you have finished your practice, for example.
  • Are you willing to listen to opinions and advice? You may well find it unpleasant at times, but you still need to hear it.

Your success will depend to some extent on your attitude and personal discipline. If you want to become a singer, then there is a lot of personal discipline involved. You may have to adjust your lifestyle. Are you willing to do that? If so, that is an indicator.

2 – Commitment

Quite an important part of the equation. Sometimes commitment is an easy thing to say but not quite so easy to fulfill. Your commitment level will depend to a certain extent on how much you want to sing.

Personal circumstances

Your personal situation will have an influence and, in some cases, make it easier. If you don’t have to work or study all day, then it will be easy to set aside time to study and practice. Please note I put study before practice. 

You have to learn how to sing, and that requires studying. Therefore, even if you are at home all day, you still have to set aside practice and study time. And you still have to do it. 

What if you are busy all day?

You may work or be at school. These things are important and cannot be ignored. Practice time must be built around those responsibilities if you have them. And this is where commitment is put to the test. 

Practice times will be in the evening after any school or work is completed. Or on weekends. Will you be able to turn friends away who want to hang out at the coffee shop if they call? You may have to. If you can do that, you have a good indicator in your favor.

3 – Belief


How much do you believe in yourself? Will you have the confidence to seek out opportunities? Will you have the courage to do your best when the time comes to show yourself as a singer? 

There have been a lot of singers who have not been able to put themselves forward at important times. If an opportunity arises, you will have to seize it with both hands. It may not come again. And if you try and give it your best and it doesn’t work out? That’s okay. You had a go. If you can do that, then you have another good indicator.

Belief in yourself links to Attitude and Commitment. If your attitude has been good and positive, you will feel positive. And if you have completed all the practice and other tasks you set yourself, then you will know you are ready to at least try.

The Hardest part

Sometimes finding belief in yourself can be the hardest part. If you overdo it, people will reject you as too pushy and self-obsessed. If you hide away, they will never get to hear your song. It is a fine balance. Base your judgment on inner belief and let others make the decision. 

4 – Go the Distance

Finally, perseverance. That distance may be a long way you have to travel. You must face the possibility you may never reach your destination. But that is not of concern at the early stage. 

Set yourself to overcome the obstacles. Put your disappointments behind you. Don’t feel bitter, and never be critical of others who seem to be ahead of you. Can you persevere? If so, that is an indicator.

One foot in front of the other

Success in a marathon is not about who runs the first 10km the fastest. It is about who finishes the strongest. Some singers might be ahead of you now, but that might not be the case in a year.

Accept that you are learning and improving. And if you have a good positive attitude, commitment, and belief in yourself, you will get the chance.

Four things: Attitude, commitment, belief, and sticking it out. All vital. Let’s look at two more general signs you are born to be a singer.

5 – Do You Enjoy Getting Better?

Is personal improvement something that you can feel and enjoy? If so, then you are on the right road, and that is an indicator. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you make achievements, no matter how small. Every step, no matter how small, will count.

And don’t forget vocal fitness. Athletes do not suddenly get up and run. Singers just don’t get up and sing. You need to become a vocal athlete. I have enclosed something below that might help.

6 – Do You Enjoy Singing?

Do You Enjoy Singing

A silly question, you may think, but not really. If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t put yourself through all that needs to be done. Your heart has to be in it from day one. If it isn’t, it will be time wasted. If you love to sing, then that is a good indicator.

And you need a plan. You might need to take some advice. How much practice? What to practice? When to practice? What should your goals be? 

I cannot answer any of those. That is for you with maybe a bit of advice to decide. Here are some guides that may help.

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6 Definite Signs That You Were Born to Sing – Final Thought

Are you still here? Okay, off you go, make your plan, and whatever you do, love every minute of it.

Until next time, let yourself be heard.

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