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1More Dual Driver ANC Pro Review


Best of Its Kind

Great wireless earbuds are actually quite hard to find, considering the hundreds of earbuds that are currently available. Newer brands tend to drown and disappear into the void and often get overlooked just because they aren’t a recognized household name.

1More started off the same but is now pretty much famous for its triple driver earbuds that have been featured on most lists of the best earbuds on the market. This new pair is their take on an active noise cancelling earbud setup.

So, can 1More provide a stellar successor, or do they fall face-first on the ground?

Let’s find out in or in-depth 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro review…

1More Dual Driver ANC Pro
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


These aren’t true wireless earbuds, which means they aren’t little pods that you just stick in your ear. Instead, 1More opts for a practical solution, the neckband. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and these certainly won’t change your mind.

There is no metal or leather here; instead, 1More settles for a durable, flexible rubber that’s soft and comfortable. The whole set is surprisingly light and never felt uncomfortable, even after hours of use.

Bit of a learning curve…

The controls are all housed on the left side, and we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve accidentally pressed pause instead of skip. If you’re not used to a neckband, there is a steep learning curve.

1more dual driver anc pro review

If you like running, these will come in handy. The rubber material helps the neckband stay put while you go out for a run. Speaking about running, the headset is IPX5 certified, so sweat won’t be a problem.

A perfect fit…

1More does include extra ear tips in numerous different sizes so you can find the perfect fit. Once you find a good fit, you are in for a treat.

You’d think the ear tips would be huge because of the ANC, but you’d be wrong. Instead of putting extra microphones on the earbuds themselves, 1More places microphones on the neckband console. It’s actually an excellent design choice. This means you get the same comfortable earbud feel that smaller earbuds provide, but with the added ANC and wind reduction.

How Do They Sound?

The sound on offer is pretty good. 1More opts for a neutral sound profile for the most part. This offers mostly clear and distinguishable instrumentation and vocals throughout the music.

The bass is clear and just enough to make your head bop, whilst the mid-range frequencies where most of the vocals reside, are crystal clear.

1more dual driver anc pro

However, the high-end is a little messy…

Hi-hats and cymbals seem to fluctuate in and out. It’s here where we find a frequency boost as well, most likely to make up for the lack of clarity. This can make listening at higher volumes almost unbearable, especially if the song you’re listening to has loud cymbals or hi-hats like rock music.

Luckily, the flat EQ response means you can easily adjust the sound to your liking on with EQ.

Keep out the noise…

For earbuds, the active noise cancelling is great. They don’t do as good a job as the Apple AirPods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM3, but that’s understandable, considering they cost a bit less. We tested them in a room with the fan and aircon on, and most of the low hum was gone. However, it’s important to find a tight seal first; otherwise, the ANC won’t really do what it’s supposed to.

Most earbuds do well in isolating most mid and high range frequencies already, but can’t block out the low hums of cars, trucks, planes, and wind. This is where ANC comes in. It’s, therefore, safe to say, that the 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro does a great job of blocking out all the noises of our daily life.

Is The Microphone Any Good?

The microphones are placed on the neckband. This means they are closer to your mouth than most earbuds microphones, unless you use the provided microphone clip.

The microphones, yes, there are two, sound great! They pick up your voice with ease and even catch some of the lower frequencies a lot of microphones have trouble with. Considering the times we live in, having a decent pair of earphones with a good microphone has become pretty important.

The microphone works great for video conferencing on Zoom or Skype, video calling family, or even playing online games.

Connectivity & Battery Life

These headphones use Bluetooth version 5, so you won’t have any connection issues even through a wall or two in your home.

The earbuds come with AAC and LDAC support, which is great. LDAC trumps aptX when it comes to android audio codecs. It’s twice as fast, and we haven’t seen many earbuds sporting this technology from Sony yet.

AAC is Apple’s own hi-res codec, so Apple users will also be able to enjoy high-quality music.

best 1more dual driver anc pro

Multi-use connectivity…

The best feature, however, is the fact that the USB-C port isn’t just used for charging, but can be used to plug it into your device using a wired connection. This means if your device doesn’t support LDAC or AAC, you can get a hi-res audio experience using a good old fashioned wire connection.

1More claims up to 20 hours of playback at half volume, but with ANC and wind reduction on, we only got 12 hours out of them. Granted, some people might never really use these features, and that’s fine, but the 12 hours we got with ANC on is good enough for any long flight or commute.

Quick as a flash…

The earbuds also have quick charge capability, so if you do run out, 10 minutes of charging will get you another three hours of playback.

Who Are The 1More Dual Driver ANC Pro For?

These earbuds are great for office workers who want earbuds capable of blocking out ambient workplace noise. They do well for audiophiles as well, since they are equipped with AAC and LDAC codecs.

1more dual driver anc pro guide

They will also work great for commuters, if you can get past the awkward stares because there’s a strange band around your neck. In fact, they could be for basically anyone because these are much cheaper than most TWS ANC capable earbuds.

1More Dual Driver ANC Pro Pros & Cons


  • Good sound (apart from the top end may need some EQ adjustment).
  • Excellent isolation and ANC.
  • AAC and LDAC compatible.
  • IPX-5 rating.
  • Quick charge compatible.


  • Battery life isn’t great if you use ANC.
  • Neck band design isn’t the best looking.

Other Excellent Options

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1More delivers yet another stunning product here. Their first go at ANC earbuds is an excellent start offering good isolation, great sound, and a very comfortable fit.

Considering its price, it’s definitely worth looking at, as long as you are okay with the neck band. If you can get past the styling, you might find better value here than in more premium earbuds like the Airpods Pro.

Two in a row for 1More now. We are super excited to see where they go next.

Happy listening.

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