What Is Old-Time Music?

Did you have
a CD that was listed for sale
on the Old-Time Music Store?

Please contact
David Lynch

if you wish to have your CDs
returned to you.


Sorry, The Old-Time Music Store Is Closed Indefinitely

Regrettably, the webhost updated the server and the current programming for the store is no longer compatible. As 80% of the proceeds of each sale was sent directly to the musicians, there were not enough funds to pay for the programming to be updated. This problem has been further exacerbated by the economic downturn of recent years, and the store remains closed.

I used to pay for programming costs out of my own pocket, but since the economic downturn, I have been unable to do so. If you know of a free, easy to setup & maintain online store system that could be used to resurrect the store, please contact David Lynch.

The idea for the store was the brainchild of Mike Seeger, and I would like to see it re-established and preserved in his memory.
Any help would be appreciated.