Palm OS Old-Time Database
Hey TechnoFogies! Stuck trying to figure out a tune during a jam? Find out how to use your PIM to store and play Old-Time tunes! What will they think of next?

Pedi, Don
Mountain Dulcimer player Don Pedi is in a class by himself. Don plays fiddle tunes note for note at breakneck speed - something I've never seen another dulcimer player achieve. Don is also an accomplished Tai Chi instructor. Check out his Walnut Mountain Retreats, nestled in the Appalachians in Madison County, NC, featuring workshops by Don, Lorrainn Hammond, Bruce Greene, and others.

Pine Cone - The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music
The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music (PineCone) is a private, non-profit, charitable corporation dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional forms of music, dance, and other performing arts. Traditional music includes fiddle tunes, ballads, bluegrass, blues, gospel, swing, folk, old-time, and all the variations and derivations that our culture has nutured. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, PineCone sponsors many musical events. See their web page for details.

Prescott Folkore Center
Instrument store specializing in acoustic and vintage instruments. Some great links on the site!