Old Farmers Ball
This dance has been a Swannanoa, NC tradition for decades. Also includes dances at other venues in Western North Carolina, including The Grey Eagle.

Old Hat Records
Quality reissues combined with thorough historical research. A relatively new record label, but already has made some impressive releases. Music From The Lost Provinces is highly recommended for Old-Time fans.

Old-Time Herald
The quintessential periodical devoted exclusively to Old-Time Music comes to the Web. The Herald has long been THE source for reviews, articles and other information about Old-Time Music. The Herald's website has recently been revamped and is even better than before! Still, if you are at all interested in this style of music, a subscription to the analog version of this publication is highly recommended.

Old-Time Music MIDI Archive
Over 100 tunes in MIDI format arranged for fiddle and banjo. They can be used for listening, practice or learning new tunes.

Old-Time Music and Dance Community
Focusing on information about contemporary old-time bands, dances, jams and information.

Old-Time Music on the Radio (OTR)
OTR The Newsletter of Old-Time Music on the Radio (OTR) which is a project of the Old-Time Music Group, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Old-Time Music on the Web
Even more WWW references for Old Time (Anglo-American Traditional) Music. Another section of Toby Koosman's home page.

Old-Time Music Web Tour
FolksOnline offers web tours on a variety of subjects. Of course, the one of most interest to us would be WDVR-FM deejay Bill Moffett's Old-Time Muisc Tour.

Oregon Old-Time Fiddler's Association
The Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association (OOTFA) was formed in 1965 and was chartered to preserve and promote the art of old time fiddling and to encourage the younger people to learn and appreciate this type of music.

Ozark Folk Center
Located in Arkansas, the Ozark Folk Center is a state park which was established to preserve the pioneer culture of a fairly remote region of the Ozarks. The Center offers about 200 music concerts a year featuring mostly local performers who do music that was common in the Ozarks from the period of early settlement through the early 1900s. The Center is open from April through October with a few events in November and December.