McGuire:Odell McGuire's Home Page
Banjo picker, creative writer Odell McGuire paints beautiful word pictures about rural life in Virginia. His Old Time Music section features a Traditions Sampler, with banjo sound clips representing different regions and eras.

Molsky, Bruce
You can order Bruce's CDs, check his concert and workshop schedule, or just read the news!

MP3 Streams - Old-Time and Traditional Music
Crank up Old-Time music on your computer 24/7. All you need is an MP3 player to listen to the following broadcasts:
Appalachian Old-Time Throwdown
To access, the broadcast, point your web browser at, go to the LISTEN tab & follow the prompts...the broadcast is under the folk category. Or, type "appalachian" in the search field and select the show from the listing. You'll need a player that can read MP3 files (many are available for free download). Or, point your MP3 player (NOT your web browser), directly at the server: For suggestions -or- submissions, contact Bruce at
Buckdancer's Choice Radio Show Online Broadcast
"Buckdancer's Choice" features old-time music on Tuesday nights from 7-9 Eastern Standard Time. Several of you have inquired from time to time as to our availability, so here's how you can get us. Thanks for your interest.

How to pick up WRFG-FM:
2. Scroll down the page and select "Program Guide."
3. At top of page where it says "Now hear us worldwide...," click on
4. On the welcome to Little Five Points page, click on "L5P Live" (blue button on left)
5. Click on the yellow "Tune In" button
6. The first time you tune in, you'll have to download winamp for Windows (free) or macamp for Macs (it costs). Follow the prompts.
Cumberland Trail -- WDVX.COM
This program presents musicians from eleven counties the trail crosses (plus a couple other Cumberland Plateau counties that we may connect with eventually), and music written about historical events or places in the region, or inspired by musicians from this region. Much of the content will come from custom or home recordings, or field recording, with a few 78s, reissues, and bona fide commercial recordings thrown in.
Rats Won't Stay Where There's Music

Creator Dale Walter offers more old-time favorites at, and has minimized the overlap of play lists with Appalachian Old-Time Throwdown.To access the broadcast, follow the instructions above, but type "old time" or "rats" in the search field and select the show from the listing. Or, point your MP3 player (NOT your web browser), directly at the server:
The Old-Time Country Music Show. Also at The direct server address is
Sugar in the Gourd - Old Time, All the Time - Hours of streaming old-time music here!
Spud Mountain
A new show is posted every Wednesday. It's about a half hour of music. Go to the site, and click on "turn the radio on".
RADIO Y U R - The KingPup Radio Show
The programs are continuous, although they usually repeat after a few hours, and the programmers change them as often as they feel like it, or not.
Smithsonian Broadcasts
The Smithsonian offers 9 broadcasts divided up by genre. Old-Time tracks featureDock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb, Elizabeth Cotton, and many others. Multiple broadcasts cater to both high-bandwidth folks and dial up modem people. If you need an MP3 Player, Winamp will probably work. You can point your MP3 player directly to the servers that stream the music:,,

Mugwumps Online
In 1971 Michael Holmes founded Mugwumps Instrument Herald to provide a central place where people interested in folk music could buy, sell, trade and learn about the musical instruments on which the music was made, namely banjos, guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, autoharps, ukelins, zithers, glass harmonicas, kazoos, and anything else he felt might be of interest to readers.

The website will include some of the best articles from earlier issues, and eventually classified ads, new articles about old instruments, profiles of contemporary instrument makers and tips & techniques for repairing, and maintaining vintage instruments, and building new ones.

Mussell, Don
More great Old-Time links and some dandy photos, too!