Harmonia's Big B
Lisa Johnson, AKA Strumelia Harmonia, offers a swank collection of old-time T-Shirts and bumper stickers. She's got a great eye for color and rustic, old-time style and her products show it! I proudly wear her t-shirts and my car and instrument cases wear her bumper sticker. Also, don't miss "A Girl's Story of Musical Corruption". It's a hoot!

Havlena: Dennis Havlena's Home Page
Wanna build a fretless banjo in the space of a weekend? If so, check out Dennis' home page! Many other instrument-making articles as well.

Hebert, Donna "Fiddle Moments"
The Muse of Joy and Sorrow - Why we play the fiddle.

High on the Hog Band
Old Time String Band from Colorado.

Hillbilly Music.com
"It's about the people, the music, the history. "


Hundreds of recordings of old time music from 78s!

House of Musical Traditions
A great mail order source for instruments, traditional recordings and books from around the world. Specializing in hard-to-find books and recordings of ethnic and traditional music, including imports and independent publishers and labels. HMTR is based in Takoma Park, Maryland. Log on or call 800-540-3794.