Old-Time Fiddlers Hall of Fame

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  Kerry BlechKerry Blech
Seattle, Washington

Kerry Blech first heard "hillbilly" music from his Uncle Dick Blech. In 1951, at age 4, Kerry was given a toy guitar by Uncle Dick. Getting a new Gibson guitar in 1953, Kerry began lessons. In high school, Kerry's junior varsity coach would play folk records, including the New Lost City Ramblers, during study periods. When his cousin Randolph came home from college, he would show Kerry hootenany-style folk music. In college, Kerry's art professor, Doug Unger, encouraged him further toward old time country music. Kerry moved from Ohio to Seattle to be with his then soon-to-be wife (they were married in 1985), Sheila, who plays guitar with Kerry (and Allen Hart on banjo). Kerry has been influenced by Andy Cahan, John Hilston, Pat Conte, and Jeff Goehring as well as old timers like Tommy Jarrell, Lowe Stokes, Wayne Perry, Joe Thompson and Ralph Troxell. Kerry writes articles and reviews for The Old Time Herald and Victory Music Review. For 5 years, Kerry produced a weekly folk radio show on WKSU-FM.

--Liner notes taken [with modifications] from "Rounder CD 0369:
The Young Fogies, volume 2
", produced by Ray Alden.

NOTE: Kerry has become a great friend of mine, first via the internet and then in person at Fiddle Tunes, Clifftop and at his home, and celebrating various birthdays with his wife Sheila and daughters Mirabelle and Louise. He has shared some great old stories with me and has been most helpful in steering me toward Old Time Music resources and artists with whom I was not yet familiar. He's also been very gracious about sharing his compendious music collection, which is almost as extensive as the Old Time Music knowledge contained in his brain! I can't help but think of Kerry whenever I taste a good Slivovitz or play a long stretch of C tunes. Including Kerry in the online Old Time Fiddlers Hall of Fame is my way of not only acknowledging his fiddling talents, but also thanking him for his invaluable assistance and his overall contribution to Old Time Music. Kerry' web site includes an extensive photo gallery featuring some great, rare shots of Old-Time musicians. Check it out!

-- David Lynch 5/01



A Devil of A Row CDKerry plays outstanding fiddle on this CD, along with long-time music partners banjo player Al Hart and guitar player Sheila Blech. Some dandy, unusual tunes on this one. Ordering details for this CD are on Kerry's web site. Hart & Blech's latest CD, Build Me A Boat, is on the Voyager label.

Kerry can also be heard on The Young Fogies, Volume 2 and The Appalachian String Band Festival (Clifftop) CDs.